A Lifetime of Better Health

Leading Others to Better Health is the fundamental motivation for CK Companies' Founder and CEO Craig Keeland. Early in life, Craig discovered that his personal passion for better health had grown into a larger passion for Leading Others to Better Health™. The CK Companies group currently consists of Doctor's Wellness Solutions Global LP, Liberty Franklin Pharmaceuticals LLC, and Forbes Pharmaceuticals.

Mission & Objective

CK Companies creates and invests in companies that formulate and manufacture Whole Food Products in
an aseptic pharmaceutical laboratory and are distributed globally. These products contain natural ingredients with natural anti-inflammatory properties that benefit consumers by supporting less aches and pains, a deeper sleep and more sustained energy. The products are distributed in 26 countries & territories around the world and have changed the lives of millions of people, restoring youthfulness, general wellness and overall better health.

Giving Back

A vital part of a successful business. Reaching Out and Helping Others are key components of CK Companies' corporate culture.

The company lives by this motto: We Are More Than A Company, We Are A Cause.

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Commit to Encouragement

Personal growth is essential to achieving a successful and healthy life.

Having overcome strife and negativism in is early years, Keeland turned his own life around.

Today, his faith inspires him to encourage others to become Champions of their own lives.

Compassionate Capitalism

Delivering products that change lives for the better while creating win-win-win experiences for customers, corporate partners and team members.

Leading Others to Better Health is CK Companies' Mission. Making it possible for people to experience Big Improvements in their health is the company's Goal.