We are More than a Company . . . We are a Cause™

Compassionate Capitalism

While Business must Produce a Profit to be Successful, I feel that it should have an Ultimate Goal to Enrich its Customers, its Employees and the Environment, while Enhancing its Investors' Interests.

Compassionate Capitalism Comes From The Heart.

My Passion is to Lead People to Better Health, Ultimately Leading Millions to Better Health.

To accomplish this ambitious goal, a company must first have a product that delivers true health benefits. We must invest the dollars necessary to acquire the best management team and staff that are capable of reaching out to customers with the care and support that they would express to their own family and friends. We have to share the fruits of our success with our share holders. And we have to give back to the community.

A Great Company Has A Great Purpose:

Great Companies do not simply provide Great Products. Great Companies change lives for the better.

With a Vision for Innovation and the Courage to risk failure, Great Companies develop Products that solve seemingly insoluble problems.

Great Companies possess a Purpose that is larger than the Company or its Products. That Purpose is to make the world a better place for all.

Profits are one of the most important goals of any successful business. In fact, profits often are how we measure success. However, the best way to maximize profits over the long-term life of a company is NOT to make profits the primary goal of that business.

Too many businesses focus on maximizing profits while neglecting all who are affected by that business – customers, employees, the community, vendors and other business partners. Those businesses may enjoy short-term profits, but their profits will not be sustainable over the long-term.

CK Companies and its Family of Companies are absolutely dedicated to delivering a product that goes beyond customer expectations – a product that improves health and wellness for all. But further, CK Companies is committed to creating a "Circle of Life" where customers, team members, investors, the community, suppliers, business partners each Achieve and Receive life-altering benefits from the company and its products.

CK Companies Team Members are valued for their talents and their ability to create success for the company. Customers are respected for their intelligence and their right to purchase products of value and integrity. Investors are nurtured for their vision and risk-taking courage. Supplier and vendors are trusted business partners. The community is our larger family to which we must give back.

Creating this "Circle of Life" where all are impacted by positive experiences and results from our company is the Win-Win-Win that makes it all worthwhile.

Craig Keeland
Founder CK Companies

Thank you John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market for his Conscious Capitalism concept that inspires us all to expand the notion of success.